Are the Property Brothers the sexiest set of male twins on TV today? Many people would say so. Even viewers who haven’t necessarily been interested in real estate or home renovation in the past have reported being totally addicted to their various HGTV shows. And after all, what’s not to love?

The funny, knowledgeable, and talented real estate partnership comprised of identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have taken the reality TV world (and the home improvement world) by storm in recent years, and have earned their status as HGTV royalty. We love to watch these guys and their goofy repartee, as they banter back and forth with tongue-in-cheek brotherly insults. But have you ever wondered what the brothers are like as separate people? Drew Scott is the star of this investigation as we dig deep to uncover things you probably didn’t know about your favorite property brother.

He finally popped the question after six long years

After six years of dating (including some years even working together) Drew finally got engaged to longtime girlfriend and his company’s creative director, Linda Phan, in December 2016. “I’ve never met another woman like her and once you do, you want to be with her forever,” Scott, told People. Linda, 31, has been dating Drew, 38, since 2010,

He is a cheese ball when it comes to romance

Drew proposed to his current fiancé, Linda Phan, at Toronto restaurant Piano Piano, with a Dr. Seuss-themed cake and a recording of himself singing “Marry Me,” by Train. Is this the kind of romantic gesture most of us crave from our loved ones? Maybe not exactly. But the silliness definitely seems to work for this longtime pair. Incidentally, the Dr. Seuss cake read, “Oh the Places We’ll Go,” a play on the book title, Oh the Places You’ll Go, which Drew says is one of her favorite books. How did he manage this elaborate night? “I’ve had to be as stealthy as a ninja to pull this off,” he told People. Congratulations, Scott and Linda!

His nickname is “the Robot”

Even though Drew can often be found joking around and playing pranks on set, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take care of business. As the LA Times puts it: “Drew is a serious workaholic,” who is constantly traveling for work. According to the Scott twins’ interview with Real Style, Jonathan and their other brother JD nicknamed him ‘The Robot.’

“They say I’m all business,” he said. “We were actually just in London for the Olympics and in Paris and then in Scotland. We would go out all day and look at the castles and, in Paris, we were seeing all the sights and at the Olympics we were going to all the events and hanging at the Canada and US Olympic houses. At night, I would go on my computer to work at 4 or 5 in the morning.” In fact, Jonathan adds that he actually took a conference call “on top of the Eiffel Tower.”

He once shot a whole scene while pantless

In response to a question about the most outrageous bloopers that have happened on the set of one of their reality shows, Buying and Selling, Drew’s twin brother, Jonathan told interviewers that Drew had once shot an entire scene without wearing pants! “It was disturbing,” Jonathan said. “It was amazing!” according to Drew. Of course, he cameras were only filming above the belt, so we won’t likely get to see anything untoward in the show.

The twins’ mom can’t always tell them apart

Although differentiating the two in person isn’t impossible for the twins’ poor mother, she told Glamour that she has been known to have difficulty telling them apart on the phone. Their voices are that similar! She said that Jonathan uses “bigger words,” than his brother, and that’s how she tells. The brothers also told Glamour that when their show, Property Brothers, is dubbed over in Spanish for broadcasts in Mexico and Spain, the same voice actor does both parts!

He is crazy tall

At a whopping 6’4″ that puts Drew in the top 98.9th height percentile for adult males in the U.S. Since his fiance is more than a foot shorter than that, chances are he has to get a lot of things down from the top shelf for her.