Let’s make no bones about it – starting a photography business is hard work.

Luckily, there are some things you can do as a prospective professional photographer to make your journey to success one that’s shorter.

I’ve thought long and hard about this and have come up with three ideas that are proven methods for getting your business off the ground with success.

The key word here is proven.

These ideas aren’t my opinion. They aren’t some crazy flash-in-the-pan notions, either.

Each method I outline below has been tried and tested and will help you build a more successful photography business.

Let’s get started!

Focus on You, Not Everyone Else

It can be hard not to look at what other photographers are doing – the style of their photos, the way they market their services, even the type of gear they use – and want to do the same thing.

But at the end of the day, you aren’t in business for them, you’re in business for you. And that means having knowledge, skills, and goals that might be vastly different from everyone else.

And that’s okay!

By focusing on developing your knowledge and skills, by working towards your personal and professional goals, and my bearing your financial situation (and goals) in mind, you’ll end up being much more successful in the short and the long term.

What’s more, it’s prudent to focus on your specific strengths as both a photographer and a businessperson.

For example, if you’ve got a knack for working with kids, make that your primary business. Go with what you know!

And guess what?

Those things you don’t do so well can be hired out to other people.

That doesn’t mean you need to hire a giant support staff to do every little thing, but, for example, having an accountant work on your books might not be a bad plan if you aren’t good with numbers.

It’s All About the Sale (Almost)

Sure, being a professional photographer depends on a healthy dose of photography know-how. If you can’t take a beautiful photo, making a go of a photography business will be next to impossible.

But what some people don’t realize is that being a photographer isn’t just about being good with a camera.

In fact, you can be the best photographer on earth, but if you don’t know how to market your products and services and actually sell those products and services, your business will go under before you know it.

The question is, are you confident in your ability to market and sell?

If the answer is no – and, actually, if your answer was a hesitant yes – the best thing you can do is learn how to become a better salesperson.

That doesn’t mean you need to enroll in business school, either.

You can learn a thing or two about sales by watching YouTube videos or reading some great marketing books.

The point is that to ensure your photography business is a success, you need to be good at both photography and business!

Consider a Franchise

As someone that set out on my own, I understand the lure of being your own boss.

But what I didn’t realize (and many other people, for that matter) is that being your own boss means that it’s just you, out there in the world, trying to make it on your own.

For some photographers, that’s the best option. But for most of us, it just means having to work harder, work longer hours, and deal with a lot more stress to get the business off the ground and running.

That’s why if I had to do it all over again, I’d opt for joining a photography franchise like PortraitEFX.

Sure, you give up a little freedom to do whatever you want, but what you get in return is certainly worth it.

For starters, you hit the ground running with a proven franchise in your corner. There’s no worry about building a marketing scheme or hiring people to help you promote your business. With a franchise, that’s just part of the deal.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about other photographers having a better skill set than you or a deeper knowledge base.

When you join a franchise like PortraitEFX, you get training in both photography and business practices so you have all the knowledge you need to be successful, whether that’s taking photos of weddings, kids’ sporting events, school portraits, special events, or something in between.

That’s an interesting concept because not only does that mean less wasted time on your part trying to figure things out on your own, but it also means that you can start making money faster because you’ll develop the skills you need sooner rather than later.

And the best part?

With a franchise, you get support for the long haul. That includes educational opportunities to stay up-to-date on photography best practices, assistance and insights for running the business side of things, and guidance from a dedicated and experienced management team that’s invested in your success.

From software that streamlines post-processing to a proven e-commerce website to feedback from mentors that critique your work, PortraitEFX leaves no stone unturned to ensure you’re successful in your business endeavors.

In other words, if success is what you’re after and you don’t want to go it alone, get in touch with PortraitEFX to see how a franchise system can work for you.